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Strategy, Quality
& Construction.

Armenis Construction Company was founded in 1994 when the construction sector had the largest share of the daily turnover.

With the surname of Stefanos Armenis, owner of the company and an experienced leader of development until today, we have created a brand equal to the big companies.

Construction & Design.

A manufacturing company is about innovation in design, quality of materials and construction, compliance with delivery times. We have all the technical and technological equipment and structure in our work to complete every difficult part of the project.

The trained staff and the craftspeople of Armenis Construction are our people who become yours as well, when they undertake the duty to create everything you dream of with responsibility and love.


Construction and manufacture technology is connected to our name.

Armenis Construction Company Corfu


Got a construction?
Let’s talk.

Time is our ally, since in Armenis Construction Company we keep all the schedules by delivering each project in time leaving our customers completely satisfied.