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Armenis Constructions

Each of our constructions is harmoniously linked to the architectural style and look of each area where the project is developed, but also giving the modern note to its use. Modern housing and construction techniques create high aesthetics and highlight the whole construction.

Armenis Construction Company Corfu

Armenis Construction Company

List of Services


Studies - Building Permits

Architectural study, Study of property characteristics, Research & study of the customer’s needs, Interior design, Architectural study of the exterior aspects, Architectural study of the interior aspects, Research & selection of the materials, Photorealistic result display, Project presentation & review with the customer


Mechanical study

Study of property characteristics (orientation, temperature, etc.), Customer requirements study, Study of thermal insulation, heating, cooling & energy saving, Electric study (Computer Networks, Alarm, Satellite TV, etc.), Presentation of the project & re-examination with the client, Issue of licenses by the relevant services, Supervision of project execution works


Urban study

Study of property characteristics, Static study, Antiseismic study, Adaptation based of architectural study, Issue of licenses by the relevant services, Supervision of project execution works (foundation, concreting, etc.)


Topographic Diagrams

Schematics of aspects and floor plans of buildings, Project site support, Environmental studies, 3D Illustrations, Corrective Applications, Road construction studies

Renovations - Restorations

Study, Design , Time Schedule, Construction

Utilization of the “qualifications” of each apartment in order to further highlight. Identification and restoration of home problems. Experienced and specialized craftspeople of each specialty. High quality-certified materials

Complete solutions for every financial budget.
Photo-realistic depiction of the work before starting in two and three dimensions.
Written information on construction techniques and materials in order for the customer to have a complete idea.
Written adherence to the project budget regardless of any unforeseen charges.

Quality services


CreatingSafety, security and consistency in construction completion and progress times.
Specialization of our craftspeople resulting with perseverance in detail.
All-the-time Supervision of work by a Civil Engineer of our office.


Offer all the services required to complete a renovation.
Competitive financial offers while maintaining quality at a safe level.
Collaboration of many years with the best and most reliable suppliers in the market.


Receipt protocol of the project in order to secure you from any additional delays.
We also undertake a partial renovation of your space, such as individual construction works.


Step by step, we choose together what suits your home.
Our customers are the guarantee of our reliability, quality, consistency and coordination.

We believe that the builds need quality

The new and modern tools give us the reliability of construction in combination with the specialized and experienced human resources in the field of construction.

Professional consistency, service and absolute safety combined with many years of experience in construction are a guarantee for any project delivery.

We insist on working with quality, which is why the results are so impressive.

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